Thursday, September 11, 2008

We will not forget....

7 years ago today, our lives changed forever.

As most, I remember the exact spot I was when I heard about the World Trade Center. The mood went from light hearted to somber in less than a second.

As I watched hour after hour of newscast, my heart was hurting for those affected by this great tragedy.

Many emotions from sadness to anger flooded not only my heart, but the heart of all Americans on 9/11.

We've gotten accustomed now to the increased security at airports and stadiums. However, there's a group of survivors and a group of people who lost friends and loved ones that are still dealing with the pain and grief from the terrorist attacks.

Let us not forget those who died...
Let us not forget those who gave up their lives in service (Police, Firefighters, EMT, etc.)
Let us not forget our Military as they continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan

Let us not forget the sacrifice

I will not forget.

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