Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mady!

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She turns 6 today. It's hard to believe that she is 6. It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital in Tyler holding her in our arms.

So, let me take some time to......brag.....about Mady. She is incredibly smart. This year, she is in Kindergarten and is reading beyond her grade level. She recently was recommended for the Gifted and Talented program at her school and has been going through testing. She loves to create. She loves to draw, do art projects, craft projects and cook with Mom. She is a Daddy's girl.....big time. :) Mady has lost 6 of her baby teeth now. She loves taking gymnastics every Tuesday.

Personality wise....she's shy when she first meets you. However, once she warms up, she is very much an extrovert. She is high strung with a little bit of drama queen. Saying that, she is very kind hearted and almost never gets in trouble at school (she gets that part from her mother). She is very caring and loves to take care of her little sister.

She is a blessing to me and Sasha. We love her very much.

Happy Birthday Mady! Daddy loves you!

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Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Mady! Aunt Cheryl loves you very much! Kylie said she will call you after school.