Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's Up

O.K., I know....it has been WAAAAY too long. The redesign is not coming as quick as I wanted to. I need some new promo pics to make it happen and have not taken the time to shoot them. So, it'll still be a few weeks before I'm back full time on the blog.

I wanted to share this video. This is one of my favorite worship songs "God of this City" sung by American Idol Winner Kris Allen.

Family Notes

Mady finished up Kindergarten and had a great year. She lost another tooth this week. Mackenzie is talking more. She keeps us laughing. We're enjoying the summer. Memorial Day weekend, we spent with my parents in Waco. We got to swim, eat, shop, eat, have a date and did I mention eat. My mom cooked some great food. I went on a diet as soon as we got back. We also got to go to VLC. My dad is the business administrator there and it is the church that we attended through my adolescent years. Loved the worship and look of the facility. Kevin Harrison and his team are doing a fantastic job there.