Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, a few weeks ago, I spoke on Facing Fears and told the congregation of my fear of dogs. After yesterday's journey with the pit bull pups, I arrived at the church today to find 5 big dogs sleeping by our front doors. It was not the door I normally go in. When I pulled up, they got up and walked away. One of them was the mom of the pups. I was telling someone about the dogs tonight at church and they said that I was having to face my fears.

So, I leave and head to Wal-mart. I walk out and there's a large dog in the parking lot standing between the front door and my car. I had no choice, but to face my fear and walk straight toward the dog. He moved out of my way and I left.

So, the moral careful what you say you're afraid may just be forced to face that fear.

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Paul Hearren said...

Dude, I always knew you were a tad afraid of the Land's Chihuahua.