Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Show Me Your Glory

A cry of desperation

Wanting More

Needing More

The longing in the heart that cannot be satisified by anything or anyone.....except Him.

God can do more in a moment that we can do in a lifetime.

Only he can truly satisfy the hunger in your heart that you try and fill with things and people.

Moses was at a crossroads.  God had called him to take the children of Israel to the Promised Land.  Moses was desperate. He knew within himself He was not capable of accomplishing the mission God had entrusted him with. Yet, he knew God was more than able.

So, he made one request.  If you're presence doesn't go with us, then do not send us from here. God granted His request.

Moses made one more request - "Show me Your glory."

That is the cry of my heart right now.  I want to be lost in the presence of God. 

God, Show me Your glory.