Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is this really Christ Like?

Have you ever wrote an anonymous letter? Over the years, I met many Pastors/Leaders who have received hurtful anonymous notes. Have you noticed no one ever sends a "you're doing a great job" anonymous card or letter? Today, I received this forwarded anonymous note that was sent to a friend of Pastor John's.

"Would you Please resign! Move on!
The children did not have bible camp this year. Instead you took them to some other country where they had to work and didn't learn anything. There is not a new membership class. The teens can't help pick up trash along the highway; because the youth director is not smart enough to look into this. The teens can't help make apple pies because the youth director is not smart enough to look into this. You act and dress like you are of the world and not for the world. Doesn't the bible teach us in leviticus that christians should not put marks on their bodies? There is no such thing as christian rock all rock is created by satan. You are by far the worst youth director ever and I question whether you are even saved. Please look into resigning and moving on!"

My question: Is this really Christ like? Now, I don't know the person who sent or received this note. They are not from this state or area. (Note: I haven't had an anonymous note sent to me in years either.) What I can tell from this note is that the kids went on a missions trip instead of going to youth camp. I can tell that this person has some things that they wish the youth director would do, but he/she is not doing them. I can tell that they don't particularly like that the youth director has a tattoo. (He/She could've gotten it prior to coming to Christ.) I also can tell that they don't like the music and have strong opinions about that.

We are not always going to agree in the church world. There is a biblical way to handle that conflict and sending an anonymous note is not that way. :)

As I stated before, I have not received an anonymous note in years. I don't remember the last one I received. Shortly after I received an anonymous note while attending Southwestern, I heard Pastor Tom Wilson say during a sermon that he didn't read any notes/letters that people did not sign. So, I decided in college that I would not read the letter or note if someone didn't have the guts to sign their name to it.

It is o.k. to disagree. It is not o.k. to disagree in a wrong, hurtful and unbiblical way. :)

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Paul Hearren said...

I got my tattoo after coming to Christ, oh dear. (gasp)

And people wonder why non-believers have such a low opinion of the Church.