Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Tour: Insights on John by Charles Swindoll

Charles Swindoll has a series of commentaries called "Swindoll's New Testament Insights." In this particular installment, he writes about the book of John.

I love the layout of this particular commentary. Swindoll gives some excellent commentary. I enjoyed the diagrams, especially the opening diagram on pages 12-13 that gives "The Gospel of John at a glance."

Swindoll gives his commentary on each section of scripture followed by an application section. This would be a great resource for those wanting to go to another level in their Bible Study. Swindoll gives great explanation of key Greek words. He also has a section throughout the book entitled "From My Journal" where he gives personal insights.

For those who are leaders, I would recommend using this in addition to other resources that you currently use for sermon/lesson preparation. As with any resource, I would judge it based on your personal theology.


Andrew R said...

Thanks for posting this review, Rusty!

Random question: do you use diagrams like the ones in this commentary when you're speaking from the pulpit? How about in small group settings or classes?

Just curious.

Rusty Posey said...


Occassionaly, I would use a diagram like that. Probably, more in a small group setting than in a larger group setting.


Andrew R said...

Is that because diagrams like these are "boring" from the pulpit. Or because they're easier to explain in a small group setting?

I'm just curious because I'm always looking for ways to make Z books more useful for people.