Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Night Blog

1. Our student ministry is awesome. Pastor John and his team hosted a Tailgate Party at the High School on Friday Night. He had over 100 students stop by and hang out. He had the Prinicipal of the school and some police officers stop by and thank them for what they were doing. They gave away free hamburgers and hot dogs.

2. Today, Cornerstone had the honor of hosting our District Youth Director, Jon Catron, Missionary Bryan Burr and five youth pastors. These guys finished a 360 mile bike ride across the North Texas District. They went from Abilene to Atlanta. 4 Police cruises from the Atlanta Police Department gave them an escort to the church. What were they doing riding their bikes? Simple....raising money for Speed The Light. Pastor John arranged for the escort. One of the youth pastors was from a church where I first remember being challenged to give to Speed The Light. It was at a Section Goal Setting banquet. I'll post some pictures when they become available.

3. It was AWESOME to reconnect with my friend, Matt. Matt and I met while we attended SAGU. He moved to another area after we graduated and I had not seen him in over 10 years. He's now a Master's Commission Director in Texas. We reminisced about college days and he was able to meet my family.

4. I would like for you to pray for a family. The Gardner family lost a precious lady today. Barbara Gardner passed away. I had just seen her yesterday at St. Michaels. They were releasing her when I got tot he hospital.. Barbara's sister is Beatrice Chamblee. Sis. Chamblee is a member of Cornerstone. I love this family. Barbara was a lady that was full of life. She loved to laugh and make people laugh. I enjoyed my visits with her and am extremely sad that she will not be with us. No one expected her to go today. It was quite a shock. Please pray for the family. I'll post the funeral information when it becomes available.

5. For the faithful readers of my blog who have prayed for Little Peyton. I talked with his parents tonight. They went to the doctor yesterday and got an excellent report. His heart has improved and the doctor told them he didn't have to come back for 3-4 months. Thank you to everyone who prayed. It worked. :)

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