Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sitting in the truck

1. I'm waiting for an ambulance to arrive at the hospital. Please pray for Bro. Blakey

2. It's been awhile, but I am drinking a Starbucks Cafe Mocha. After Wednesday Night service, I could use a little caffiene. I love starbucks lat at night.

3. I have Fall Council tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing the messages and seeing old friends.

4. With a huge assist from Pastor John, we fixed the power window on my truck. It was embarassing having to push it up by hand at drive thrus.

5. Looking forward to Kid's Crusade on September 28th-October 1st. It will be a blast.


John Van Pay said...

glad i could help with the truck window

Rusty Posey said...

No, it was my Youth Pastor, John Stout that help. He is quite the handy guy.