Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I didn't get anything out of worship today!

Have you ever made the statement "I didn't get anything out of worship today" or something similar?

Rick Warren, in his book The Purpose Driven Life, said "If you have ever said, 'I didn't get anything out of worship today,' you worshiped for the wrong reason. Worship isn't for you.  It's for God....there are benefits to worship, but we don't worship to please ourselves. Our motive is to bring glory and pleasure to our Creator."

We should come to God with a desire to give, not a desire to get. My Jr. High discipleship group discussed this on Sunday night. We decided that if worship is about God and not us, then it shouldn't matter the songs we sing or the style of the music. If worship is about God, then our concern should be what songs does He like. I heard Lindell Cooley say that when he makes a worship list that he asks God what He would like to hear. I have adopted that prayer as a regular part of my worship list preparation. 

I challenge you the next time you are in a worship service to remember you are singing for God.  Be blessed, my friends.