Friday, August 13, 2010

Sticky Teams Blog Tour

Larry Osborne has written a fantastic book entitled "Sticky Teams." I was captivated by this book. Obsborne stated that his "deep conviction that the health and long-term effectiveness of any ministry begins with the health and unity of its primary leadership teams." This book was written with Pastors, Staffs, Boards and Leadership Teams in mind.

One of the quotes that would sum up this book is "A unified and healthy leadership team doesn't just happen it has to be a priority." If you want to make a unified and healthy leadership team a priority in your ministry, then I suggest you purchase a book for every member of your leadership team.

The principles and leadership axioms in this book with help guide you and your team to a more healthy state. I highly recommend this book no matter what stage of your journey that you are in.

Click here to purchase a copy of this book!

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Andrew R said...

I'm glad you liked the book, Rusty. I hope it's beneficial for you and your ministry. Thanks for reviewing it!