Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Month Reflections

1. One of the motivations for us to do Family Month was that the church is the only place you call something family whatever and then separate into "department" ministries. Pastor Jimmy felt that it was important for our kids to worship with our adults and our adults to see our kids worship. I loved having my girls in worship service. For those who don't go to Northside, Kenzie got loose from Sasha one Sunday during altar time. She made a bee-line for me on the stage. How could I get on to her for that? To me that was what family month was about...the raw emotion of love from a 3 year old and families being together in God's presence.

2. Personally, I had a blast leading worship this month. It was fun doing some of the kid's songs complete with motions as well as the Heaven Hymn Medley. I loved seeing our kids worship and enter into service.

3. The characters created by our Xtreme Kids and Jr. Xtreme Kids workers were awesome. Rovercomer, Sha-Dee-Dee and Mr. Crabkowski participating in the messages was hilarious. Thanks Chuck, Shauna and Jeff!

4. The Drama this morning was awesome. I thought Corbin look like Dr. Phil's Mini-me with crazy hair. The whole group did awesome.....Jathan, Tyler, Reid, Jeffrey and Brittany were fantastic. Thanks Shauna and Jocelyn for putting that together. Last week, the Human Video to Lead me was stellar. Great Job Reid, Nathan, Misti and Hannah! Thank you to Anita for putting this together. :)

5. A huge shout out to our media guys, Brad and Matt for the awesome announcement videos and sermon videos this month. Thanks to all the actors. You guys did awesome!

6. Wednesday Nights have been a lot of fun. Pastor and I got pies in the face on week 1 because we had over 200 at the Skittles concert! I loved the energy at each one of the Wednesday Night Events! Last week's game night was a blast! Seeing our adults do Chubby Bunny was incredible! There are way too many people to thank for your help!

7. Andrea and Tommie thank you for the huge felt board and art work that went on it! I thought it was a great addition to our family month series!

8. There are so many people to thank for their help this month....people who worked the T-shirt table, served Hot Dogs, Pop corn, etc., Tina who put together the prizes for the person with the most guests! I know I'll forget some so just to anyone who served......THANK YOU!

9. Pastor did a great job at communicating difficult subjects on a level everyone could understand!

10. I'm looking forward to us having Family Month again!

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