Friday, August 6, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

We attended Dallas Cowboys Training Camp yesterday. Here are my thoughts from training camp.

1. Dez Bryant is a genetic freak. He is taller that I expected and is ripped. I didn't get to see him run, but he appeared to have good hands while catching passes on the sidelines.

2. I like the secondary. Even with Dez out, they are getting to workout against some great WRs.

3. I look for Roy Williams to have a breakout season in a Cowboys uniform. I thought he looked great in practice. I noticed at one point Tony Romo giving him some instruction after Roy made a nice catch. I think those guys are getting on the same page. With defenses having to pay attention to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, Roy Williams should add to his total.

4. Martellus Bennett looked like he had a gimpy ankle. He made some nice catches, but he was hobbling some.

5. I like Jon Kitna, but he makes me nervous as a backup. He appeared out of sync.

6. Got to see the lineman's haircuts....that's crazy stuff.

7. We tried to get autographs. Most of the players bolted for the locker room....the few that stayed out didn't come our way. So, on a tip, we headed for the area where the bus was at. Jason Witten came over our direction, but he stopped just short of grabbing the football I had for him to sign.

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