Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rangers and Mark Cuban

Wow! Hot Sports Opinions two days in a row. :)

So, it looks like Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, may become the new owner of the Texas Rangers. The Reds are my #1 team, but the Rangers have been my American League team since Buddy Bell was playing. So, here is my gut reaction to Cuban becoming the Rangers owner.

1. I think it is great. Cuban has brought great energy and excitement to the Mavs.

2. The Mavs are a perennial playoff team. Could you imagine what would happen if the Rangers made the playoffs for 10 straight seasons? Yes, I understand that it is easier to make the playoffs in the NBA with 16 teams making the show compared to in MLB . Lets say that the Rangers make the playoffs 5 out of 10 seasons, Cuban has a statue in front of the Ballpark.
He is not afraid to spend for quality players and I think the Rangers would go after the right players. Cuban is a player's owner and would provide am amentities to the players that other teams would not have.

3. Marketing....Cuban is a genius at marketing. The Rangers would have better looking uniforms, better promotions, etc.

Reasons I would not like this deal....

1. If it had a negative impact of the Mavs. Can Cuban spend big in two major sports? I believe I read a quote that he said that it wouldn't affect the Mavs.

2. Nolan Ryan - If Cuban outbids Nolan Ryan's group and wins the auction for the Rangers, then I would like for Cuban to give Nolan Ryan the option of joining the ownership group and/or be a part of the Rangers franchise in the same capacity or similar capacity that he has been. Nolan Ryan has been the best thing that ever happened to the Rangers and I think he has done a great job of turning the club around.


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