Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Memorable Trip

Sasha and I took several of our 180 students to San Antonio for a week of fun. Here are some of the highlights of the trip!

1. We stopped in Round Rock and picked up my niece, Kelsey. She turned 17 on Tuesday....the day we picked her up. We went to Alamo Cafe and the wait staff sang to her. :)

2. Tuesday Night, one of our sponsors on the trip, Anita, was getting sick. She was throwing up. I was concerned for her, but also concerned for the whole group. I didn't want an epidemic of what she had. She kept telling me that she wasn't contagious. Some of the kids were concerned as well. So, Keith and Anita pull us together and told us that Anita was pregnant. Congratulations to them! We'll never forget that experience. :)

3. On Wednesday, we went to Sea World. I love that far, my personal favorite theme park. We sat on the front row for the Shamu show. We were literally five yards or so away from the whales. It was awesome.

4. On Thursday, we went to Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. It was awesome.....they practiced for awhile. Then, at the end, we tried to get autographs. We went back to area where their bus was. Jason Witten came up....He stopped short of grabbing the football I brought to sign. :) I was so bummed.

5. We spent some time at the Riverwalk and Alamo. I love that area. :)

6. Hanging out with the students.....lots of laughs and memories. :)

Thanks guys for a great trip!

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