Monday, September 6, 2010

What's been happening?

1. School has started. That means the last few weeks of our lives have been crazy. Mady is in second grade. Kenzie is at the Methodist Church Day School.

2. This weekend, we went to Chandler for the annual Fantasy Football Festivities with some friends. We had a great time seeing everyone.

3. We stopped by Sasha's parents on the way home and had dinner. I ended up going home by myself and meeting them halfway the next day to pick up Sasha and the girls.

4. A lot has been happening at Northside....we finished family month the first Sunday in August. Then, we went on one final trip of the summer with the 180 students to San Antonio. We have been remodeling the Kid's area. Mark, Tommy and Jay have done an awesome job. We've had amazing services this month. God is good.

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