Thursday, September 6, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

I am pumped. Tonight is the first NFL game of the season. It should be a great matchup between the Colts and the Saints.

I thought I'd put my Super Bowl Picks for this Season online.

In the AFC, I'm picking the Colts. How can you argue with that offense? I know they lost a couple of guys on Defense, but they will be good enough to win.

In the NFC, I'm going with the same pick that Mike Golic had on Mike and Mike in the Morning. That's right....the Dallas Cowboys. It has been awhile. They have a stellar defense and will be good offensively. There is not a dominant team in the NFC and I think this will be the year the Cowboys make it.

As far as a winner, I'll just say it will be ring #6 for the Boys.

Call me a homer. That's fine. I'll revisit this post in February after the big game to see how accurate my prediction was. :)


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Steve & Terri Ray said...

Hey Pastor,
Just read the blog-1st time. Morgan really enjoyed the lock in. That child was worn out. Is Mackenzie a November baby? Morgan is. I'll be prayin' for ya' HA! Steve is a football fan of sorts, just not as devoted as you. He's more of a huntin' guy.
Tell Sasha hello for me, and I hope school is going well. See ya' soon. Terri & fam.

Paul Hearren said...

Homer. But, I hope you're right.