Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Retraction....of sorts.

Last night, I headed out to Spring Creek Golf Course to play in their Tuesday Night Scramble. A few of the other guys in the church (Jay, Bobby and Tyler) also played in the scramble. On Sunday, I was talking about being on the winning team. As believers, we are on the winning team. If you have a choice whether or not you are going to be on the winning team, you always choose the team that's going to win. I used the illustration of a two man scramble. Tyler is an incredible golfer. Last week, he shot one under par. Jay and I shot significantly over par. I said if I had a choice in a two man scramble that I would choose Tyler over Jay every time because I would have a better chance to win with Tyler.

The way they do the scramble at Spring Creek is they take all the A players and put them on different teams. Then, they take the B players and put them on the different teams. Then, they have a draft for the rest of the guys. Jay and I ended up on the same team. There were six different teams with 5 or 6 on each team. The funny part is that our team finished in a tie for first place. We shot 7-under par for 9 holes. We lost the playoff chipping contest.

We beat Tyler's team though. :) Jay played outstanding. He put one of his drive on a par 4 about 10 feet from the green.

We had a great time and I got to meet some guys in the community. I look forward to playing in the scramble again.

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