Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's Thoughts

1. I am real proud of our student ministry, CSI:. Even though we are currently experiencing tough economic times in America, our student ministry had a record year in Fireworks Sales. They will give a portion of that to Speed The Light, a ministry that provides vehicles and audio/visual equipment to missionaries. The rest will go to pay the student's way to camp and to the Youth Budget. A big thank you to all you helped make it happen...Marc, Gina, Rob, Tammy, Pastor John and Rachel.

2. We had great services this last weekend. Sunday Night's Worship and communion time were off the charts. Our worship team did an awesome job in both services.

3. Sasha and the girls have been at her Mom's the past couple of days. I'm ready for them to come home. They are on their way back as I type this blog.

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