Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Youth Camp Report

Greetings from Lakeview Camp in Maypearl. I love camp. It had a profound effect on my life as a teen and I've seen students completely changed by the power of God at camp over the years. I came to camp this week.

I stay in the lodge. I use the morning times (while the students and leaders are in separate meetings) to study, get ready for Sunday, check e-mail, etc. Then, in the afternoons, I'm with the students during the play times and I go to the services at night.

Last Night's service was amazing. Jason Patterson is the camp speaker. Typically on the first night of camp, you would hear a salvation/rededication type message. Last night was different. Jason talked about their being a need for the students to begin to discover God on their own. They needed to be able to have encounters with God on their own. He then told them that would be at the altar and gave them the anatomy of the altar. It was fantastic. At the end, he brought students forward that needed deliverance, salvation, etc. Half of our students responded. I was able to work my way through the crowd (There's over 900 here this week!) and find all of them to pray with them.

I will keep updating my blog with more camp reports throughout the week. Please pray for our students...Alexis, Brent, Coleman, Colton, Danielle, Destiny, Drew, John, Morgan and Tyler. Also, please pray for the leaders that came as well...Pastor John, Rachel and Amanda. I'd appreciate a few prayers as well. :)

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