Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Night Wow!

1. 20 total in CSI: Service tonight! CSI: is our student ministry. Pastor John and Rachel are doing an outstanding job. We finished up about 10 minutes before they did. The band was doing one final worship song and they were awesome. The best is yet to come from our students.

2. I also stuck my head into the kid's choir/drama group. They had a crowd in there. They were working on their new song. Their last performance was incredible. I set on the front row and cried. It was so moving. Lisa and Bill are doing a fantastic job. The best is yet to come from our kids.

3. Tonight, in the adult bible study, we talked about when good things happen to bad people. We had a great time of worship and prayer. On August 20th, we are going to begin a new Wednesday Night series on becoming a Contagious Christian. The best is yet to come for Cornerstone.

4. Tonight, I said goodbye to a new friend, Nacho. Nacho is a college student from Mexico. He has been in Atlanta this summer visiting relatives and working at Amigo Juan's. He is heading back to Mexico to continue his study. He is a medical student. Nacho has a great personality. He speaks some engish. He understands it more than he can speak it. He has been a regular on Sunday Nights and Wednesday Nights. I will miss Nacho. I can't wait for him to come back to Atlanta again.


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