Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Brett Favre Dilemma

20 Million Dollars....

Former Pro Wrestler and Now Christian Evangelist Ted Dibiase was known as the "Million Dollar Man." His tag line was "Every man has his price."

Brett Favre is currently facing the 20 million dollar question. According to several published reports, the Green Bay Packers have offered Brett $20 million dollars to stay retired. ESPN is reporting tonight that he is considering the offer. Essentially, it sounds like a personal service contract that Brett will be tied to the Packers for many years. He would appear at event representing the I'm sure he would've attended anyway. So, basically, it is 20 million to lose the media circus.

Does Brett accept the cash and not play the game he still wants to play? Does he say "no thanks" and force a trade or a release from Cheesehead land?

Do you have a price? Is there something that you would be willing to forfeit your relationship with God for?

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Paul Hearren said...

Should he take this offer, then, it tells me, he was not fully committed to returning in the first place.