Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Update

1. We had a great time last night at our Fifth Sunday Fellowship. I love these connection nights where we visit and eat. There were two different kinds of Banana Pudding, lots of great BBQ and to top it off a cookie cake to celebrate Alexis' 13th Birthday.

2. Our worship team did a great job Sunday Morning. I'm proud of the way they are growing together musically, but also how wonderful a job they are doing leading us into the presence of God.

3. I'm glad Pastor John and Rachel are now residents of Atlanta. We moved them into the parsonage on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came and help unload the truck.

4. We had a garage sale on Saturday. Sasha has been wanting to get rid of some junk for awhile now. We didn't make a lot of money, but we did get rid of a bunch of stuff.

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