Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Youth Camp Report - Day 2

Yesterday was a great day! After my morning study time, I headed to lunch. After lunch, the students had a game time. I was able to jump in with the boys team for a game with fun noodles and a dodge ball. Lots of fun.

After team game time, it was free time. The guys go swimming while the girls are at the lake and then they switch after an hour. During Lake time, they have paint ball available. Several of us went and watched Pastor John in action. One of his hobbies is paint ball. He had the gear. He even at one point did a barrel roll.

After clean up time and dinner, it was time for service. The worship time was awesome. For me, one of the most powerful moment was when the worship leader stepped back from the mic and you can hear the voices of the packed house singing "How great is our God." The band was still playing, yet you could hear the singing over it. It was an authentic moment of worship.

The message last night was on God being our life coach. Jason Patterson led us through the story of Elijah and how God directed his steps. Even through the valley and mountain top experiences, God was still in control of Elijah's life. The altar time was incredible. Most of our students were in the altar. At the beginning of his message, Jason had challenged the students not to just sing songs that say things like "you're all I want" or "you're all I need", but to live our lives like we really mean what we are singing. He had two parts to the for kids that were going through valley times and another for those who were wanting to make the commitment to live their life fully committed to God where he is all they want or need. After an extended altar time, the worship band, Freely, concluded the time by singing two United Live songs "All I need is you" and "Fire Fall Down."

After service, I crashed the Youth Pastor's Fellowship. :) During the Snack Shack and Late Night time, the District Youth Department put on a fellowship to honor the Youth Pastors. The food was great.....especially the boneless Buffalo Wings.

The fellowship also consisted of an activity time. About 12 of us played FULL COURT basketball in the new Activity Center. It has been a couple of years since I've played basketball full court. I love basketball. I'm not any good, but I still love to play. It was a blast. I'm paying for it though today. I'm a little sore today.

Keep praying that this will be a significant week in the life of our students.

The Best Is Yet To Come

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