Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time out for a blog

1. We're getting ready for tonight's Family Fun Fest. I'm waiting on the Inflatable company to come and set up. Then, it is off to Wal-mart for some last minute items.

2. We have a great team. I believe in teamwork. I want to thank everyone who came up last night. Thank you to Bobby, Tammy, Blake, Brent and Brandon Caraway, Wes and Patti Everett, Marc, Gina and Austin Mote, Tyler Stuart and Amanda Vaughan. These guys worked for about 4 hours last night getting ready for tonight's Fun Fest. Bobby fixed some of the lighting outside and it looks awesome. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

3. I spoke with Bobby this morning. Little Peyton came through surgery great! The doctors are very pleased with the results. Let's keep praying for him!

4. Yesterday, I made my NBA picks. Then, last night, I got an e-mail newsletter from the Dallas Mavericks announcing that they had reached a deal with Juwan Howard. WOW! This instantly make the Mavs a deeper team. I hated to see Howard go when he was a Mav before. He fits into their team really well. He had a great year as a role player in Houston last year. This year, he will be a great role player. Stack, Terry and Juwan off the bench is going to be a formidable line up. They face Lebron and Co. tonight on ESPN. Go Mavs!

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