Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I love football, but I also love Basketball. I had such a great response from my NFL picks that I thought I would prognosticate the upcoming NBA season.

I'm going to give you my picks to win the Western Conference and Eastern Conference. In fact, I'm going with two teams that are flying under most people's radar.

I'll start with the East. I'm going to pick the Miami Heat. Shaq, Wade and Co will be back in the finals this year. When Wade is fully healthy, these guys will make a run. Boston has nothing to stop Shaq down low and there's no way that Ray Allen or Paul Pierce can stop D-wade defensively. You can never count out a Pat Riley coached team.

In the West, no one.....absolutely no one is giving this team a chance. The Spurs are an every other year team. They won last year and will have a down year with that aging roster. The Suns are in disarray....Marion doesn't want to be there and you never know with Amare what you are going to get. In the end, their lack of defense will be their demise. Utah was a one year wonder and they lost the "heart and soul" of that team when Derek Fisher left. So, once again I'm going with a homer pick. That's right.....the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs got rid of Croshere and Buckner and brought in Eddie Jones, Trenton Hassell and Brandon Bass. They have adjusted the lineup to have Terry and Stack off the bench. This will be a potent team. Dirk will turn in another MVP season.

The Cowboys in the Super Bowl. The Mavs in the Finals. This will be a great year in Dallas sports.

Winner: Mavs get revenge on Shaq and Wade and win it all.


SportsAutosTTM said...

good picks on the Mavs winning it all. They've sured up their defense and I love the new additions. But more importantly, they've kept the core group of guys who will get it done (I can't believe Nowitzki for Kobe was even worth being a rumor). Miami should be there too. Boston will be tough, but they're relying on 3 aging veterans in Pierce, Garnett, and Allen. One injury and that team is toast, plus they don't have a point guard.

As a Cowboys fan, I WANT a rematch with New England, so it's gonna have to come in the Super Bowl. They need to make a friendly bet that if New England loses, Belichek's ugly hoodie is banished to the nearest trash can, and he can never wear one again! Go Cowboys!

Paul Hearren said...

The Mavs will flame out, yet again, in the playoffs. It doesn't seem that Nowitzki can come through on the big stage.

Houston beats the Mavs in the conference semi-finals or finals...either round...doesn't matter...Steve Francis hits the game winning shot with time running down in game 7.

Nash's Suns lose in the first round.

I have spoken.