Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Thoughts

1. Yesterday was a great day! We had 94 in attendance yesterday morning. Also, we had one person who committed their heart to Christ. There was such a sense of excitement in the place. We challenge Cornerstone to get involved in ministry. I was excited to see how many people who are not currently serving in an area stepping up to get involved.

2. Peyton's Grandparents were in service yesterday morning. His Grandmother told us about how the place where the doctors saw the hole in little Peyton's heart. The medical staff can't explain it, but there is new muscle growing over that place. I can explain it. By his stripes, we are healed!!!!!!! They have a test scheduled today that will determine when they will let him come home.

3. The Patriots are awesome. I saw the first half of the "Duel in Dallas." The Cowboys played well, but the Patriots were in a league of their own. Not sour grapes, but I think the game is different if Anthony Henry, the 'boys starting Cornerback, is playing. Maybe we will get to see the rematch in....dare I say....the Super Bowl. :) Plus, Terry Glenn will give them another weapon on offense when he comes back.

4. I got to hang out at my Granny's house for lunch yesterday. My grandaddy turned 85 and my aunt cooked lunch for everyone. It was great. :) I got to see my little cousin, Jared, for the first time. He's cute. We had a great time. Mady enjoyed playing with her cousin, Brooke. They played tag and hide and seek all through out the house.

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