Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

1. We had 86 in service yesterday morning. We are averaging about 5 more people this month than last month. :) Jon Catron, the North Texas District Youth Director, spoke about Sacrifice. We received commitments and an offering for Speed The Light.

2. Last night, we had a great service. I spoke about priorities and making God the number one thing in your life. We had a great response to the altar call.

3. Yesterday was a busy, busy day. Between services, I attended the funeral for Moe Moyer. Bro. Moe was 85 years old. It was a great memorial service celebrating his life. Please pray for his wife, Ruth.

4. The Cowboys win!!!! Now, they are 6-1 going into the bye week! I have noticed that when they play the 3 o'clock game that our Sunday Night attendance is down. Coincidence?

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