Monday, October 8, 2007

How 'bout them Cowboys!

What a nail biter of a game! Romo was awful. Now, a couple of those interceptions were not his fault. If you didn't see the game, it had to be one of the greatest games in Monday Night Football History. Dallas was down by 8 with two minutes left. Romo leads them down on a night when he had personally turned the ball over on six plus occasions. The 'boys score. T.O. couldn't hang on to the two point conversion. The Cowboys are forced to kick an onside kick. They recover it. Romo completes a couple of passes. It sets up the game winning field goal by rookie kicker Nick Folk. Nick makes the kick. Wait! Buffalo called Timeout! He kicks the 53 yarder again. Ice water runs through his veins and he nails it! Cowboys comeback and win by one in Buffalo. 5-0!!!!!

Next week, the New England Patriots will face the Boys. I can't wait!

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