Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time for my yearly complaint

Every year at this time, I feel frustrated as a fan of College Football. Why? Simply, the system stinks. We let .500 teams go to bowl games to pad the bank accounts of corporations and deny College Football a true champion. Conferences like the Big 12 have been sucked into the system because frankly a team that goes to the National Championship game brings a lot of money to all the schools in the conference. So, today, Texas is left sitting at home because the pollsters like Oklahoma better. Texas...#3 in the nation will not get to play for a National Championship because someone needs to get richer. It's not right. I think the same could be said for many teams.

The argument for the current system is that more teams can participate in bowls and that it keeps the regular season meaningful. I'll use yesterday's Bedlam game as an example. Say, we have an 8 team playoff. You think that game is not meaningful for both teams. If Oklahoma State wins, they could get into the playoff. OU loses and they are probably out.

Here's my suggestion..(I would prefer a 16 team playoff, but will settle on Obama's 8 team playoff). Also, I think there should be no automatic bids....dumbest thing in the world. Let it be the best 8 regardless of conference.

According to the new BCS, here's the first round....#1 Alabama vs. #8 Penn State, #2 Oklahoma vs. #7 Texas Tech, #3 Texas vs. #6 Utah, #4 Florida vs. #5 USC. You could play all games at traditional bowl sites in traditional bowl games.

Who is with me and Obama?

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