Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackenzie

Today, our little baby girl turned two. Mackenzie is a very funny little girl. She has the funniest facial expressions. As much as I hate to admit, she is a Mama's girl. However, she is coming around. :) She likes to play with baby dolls and loves Dora. She loves to read books at night before bed, especially the wheels on the bus book. She loves music. If I pretend to cry, she will stop what she is doing and run from anywhere in the house to come and give me a hug. I know...that's a cheap way....but, it works. :)

She had to go to the doctor today because she has battled allergies/sinus since we moved from OKC to Atlanta, Texas. She never fusses about coughing, etc. She is so good natured.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie! Daddy loves you. :)

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Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Mackenzie from Uncle Danny, Aunt Cheryl, Kelsey, Abby, Kylie and Jon!

We love you!! (Rusty - give her a hug and a kiss for us!)