Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hope Fades....

Fans are fickle. The excitement of a new season can be lost in one game. Thursday Night, I watched the Baylor/Wake game and was discouraged. Then, I didn't feel so bad after I saw that A&M lost to Arkansas State. Wow!

Baylor had some bright spots..namely Freshman QB Robert Griffin III. The guy is lightning quick and has a great arm.

Regardless, in sports, so many times we are judged by the last game. In football where you generally have a week between games, it gives more time for the naysayers to cry there's no hope for the team. That's when you have to focus on the goal and move forward ignoring the crowd.

In life, we all face adversity. Tomorrow's message is about dealing with that adversity. Sometimes our greatest problem becomes our biggest opportunity. Brett Favre got his first chance to play because the Green Bay starting QB went down with an injury.

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