Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin


I just thought I'd alert all my blog readers know about the Republican Candidate for Vice President.

This was taken from the Alaska District Council of the Assemblies of God's website. I have seen it posted on Facebook.

"The opening night banquet of the 2008 Alaska District Council was honored to have Governor Sarah Palin address the delegates and guests. Governor Palin spoke of her appreciation for the Assemblies of God and requested that the Council pray for both her and the State of Alaska.
Superintendent Ted Boatsman, who was Palin’s junior high pastor at Wasilla Assembly of God, along with Pastor Mike Rose of Juneau Christian Center, where Palin presently attends church when in Juneau, laid hands on the Governor and led the Council in prayer. Palin, who was elected Governor in 2007, is Alaska’s youngest governor and the first female governor of the state. She just recently gave birth to her fifth child, Trig. Palin spoke of the faith challenge she faced when learning that Trig would be a Downs Syndrome child. However, she and her husband, Todd, believe that every child is a gift of God, deserving of life, and that God was
asking them to accept His will for their lives."

As I stated earlier in the week, we need to pray for the upcoming election. We need the people God wants in the White House. Please pray especially for Governor Palin.

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