Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's Here!

After months of agony, tonight is the night. That's season is officially back. This is...without a favorite time of the year. From High School to the Pros, I love watching football.

Tonight, Baylor will play #24 Wake Forest on Fox Southwest. I will flip between that game and the Cowboys final preseason game.

So, who do I cheer for?

Pro - Dallas Cowboys (America's Team, 5 Time Super Bowl Champions)
College - I began life as a Texas Longhorn fan. I still am. However, we moved to Waco when I was 10 and I became a Baylor Bears fan. I still cheer for Texas every game except when they play Baylor.
High School - I still follow my alma mater, China Spring High School, from a distance...they lost in the State Championship game last season. Now that we are here in Atlanta, I cheer for the Atlanta Rabbits. I also still look and see if Brownsboro won or not. When we lived in Chandler, I was on the sidelines for all of the Brownsboro football games.

Now, let the games begin. Sic 'em Bears! Beat Wake!

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