Friday, August 22, 2008

I think I just saw animals going down the street two by two...

Wow, we have had an unusual amount of rain for August in Atlanta. I need to mow my lawn, but it will not stop raining long enough for me to do it.

What's been happening...

1. Last night was Meet the Teacher. We took Mady to the Primary School to meet her Kindergarten teacher. We dropped Sasha off at the school to meet her students. It was a full night. I can't believe Mady is about to go to Kindergarten.

2. Today is Daddy/Daughter day. Mady and I are going to spend the day together. We were going to go to the park. The rain kind of messed up that plan. We were going to the movies, but there's nothing on that she would watch. So, we'll probably head bowling or something like that.

3. I've been enjoying the Olympics. In fact, I'm about to go watch the "Redeem Team" put a hurt on the Argentinians.

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