Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday's Thoughts

1. Kenzie seems to be doing better today. :)

2. Great performance by the American Idol Top 8 of "Shout to the Lord" on the Thursday night results show. I didn't see them do it Wednesday Night. This is a great song. Click here to view the video.

3. I hated to see Michael Johns leave Idol. He has a great bluesy rock voice. His rendition of "Dream On" wasn't great. The first half was. The second half was horrible when he tried to scream. I first heard the song "Dream On" when Petra's former lead singer, Greg X. Volz, did a cover of it on his "Come Out Fighting" album in 1988.

4. The Mavericks clinched the playoffs last night. What a shot by Dirk with .9 seconds left to beat the Jazz! I can't wait for the NBA Playoffs. :) I need to get some tickets to go to a game.

5. I'm excited about Sunday's message on "More Power." Don't miss it! We need more of God's power in our lives. I cannot wait to communicate this week! Did I mention that I'm excited? :)


John Van Pay said...

Idol rocked! The Shout to the Lord was more exciting that what a series could ever be in the west between the Spurs and Mavs.

Choke...official soft drink of the Dallas Mavericks.

Paul Hearren said...

I don't watch American Idol, nor do I intend to start, but it's pretty amazing that they sung this song.

Now, maybe if someone would do an American Indie Rock Idol....