Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday

1. Great weekend! We had a great Men's Breakfast Saturday Morning. I enjoyed the food and the fellowship. Thanks to Rob and Marc for cooking! :)

2. We had a great day yesterday. My friend, Michael Norman, spoke in both services. Sunday Morning, he spoke on our worship to God. Last night, he challenged us regarding our "relationship" with God and not having a form of "religion." Two great messages. We also got to hear Michael's vision. He is planting a church in Dallas. The area that he is going to is 90% unchurched and there is a quarter of a million people there. We are going to partner with Michael financially and with our prayers. Please pray for Michael, his family and Gracehill.

3. I enjoyed seeing Michael again. We have a great time when we're together. It has been over five years since we have seen one another. With cell phones and e-mail, we have stayed connected.

4. Mavs beat the Suns. It's about time they beat a legitimate contender in the West. I think they are turning the corner. I can't wait for the playoffs. :)

5. For the record, I hope Kansas wins tonight. I usually cheer for the Big 12 when my teams are knocked out.

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