Sunday, April 13, 2008

21 Day Fast

This morning, I challenged our church family to a 21 Day Cooperate Fast. We are in a series entitled "Super Size Me." In 2004, Morgan Spurlock chronicled his 30 Day Journey of eating McDonald's 3 times a day. There are some things we need more if in our food is not one of them. The question that I poised to the church is "what if we spent 30 days seeking more of God in our lives." So, we are taking the next 21 days to fast and pray for more of God in our lives, families and church.

One of my favorite ways to fast is the Daniel Fast. It is a struggle for me because I'm the guy on the V-8 commercial that says no to fruits and vegetables. So, it is a struggle for me to eat the fruits and vegetables.

Daystar TV has a great page on the Daniel Fast. Here is the Link.

I can't wait to see the results of our cooperate fast.

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