Wednesday, April 23, 2008

After two games....

I think it is safe to say......THE SKY IS FALLING. :) The Mavs looked awful last night. IMO, I think they shouldn't trap Chris Paul (CP3). Let CP3 have his 30-40 points, but don't leave the other guys uncovered. When you trap, someone is left opened. In the Hornets case, it is usually Tyson Chandler for an alley oop or Peja for a three. CP3 having 30+ points is not a problem. The problem is when he has 30+ points and 10+ assists. The Mavs cannot win if that is the case.

If Kidd can't stay with CP3, then put Kidd on Mo Petersen. Then, take Josh Howard and put him on CP3.

Could someone please get this information to Avery? Otherwise, it is the second first round exit in as many years.

The only positive is that the Hornets have not won a game in Dallas in 10 years. Dallas must win the next two and gain the Big Mo back.

Otherwise, Chicken Little was right. The Sky is Falling.

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