Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas Wins

1. Congrats to Kansas fans and fans of the Big 12. Big 12 Basketball is on the rise. There are great players and great coaches in these parts. Memphis was better than I thought they were. Rose is the real deal and will be playing in the NBA next season.

2. I drove to Chandler and hung out with friends last night at San Pedro's. San Pedro's is a great Mexican restaurant. Pete and the Gang serve it up right. When we lived in Chandler, I ate there way too much. Last night, one of the waitresses walks up and starts asking me about Sasha and the girls. Wendy was the best waitress of all time. She would see me walk in and bring my drink to the table. I'm a creature of habit. So, I usually ordered the same two or three things. She would ask which one I was getting that day. It was great hanging with old friends, talking fantasy football and eating some great food.

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Unknown said...

We missed each other in Chandler by a week.