Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Catch

Last Night, we had fried Catfish for supper. There was something different about this fish. I recently went on a fishing trip with my father in law, John, my brother in law, Clint and Clint's brother in law, Michael. Despite trouble with the boat, we had a great time fishing. We ran some trot lines and did some pole fishing.

The fish that we ate last night was some of the fish that we had caught on the trip. Michael and Clint had cut the fish into filets. Sasha did a great job frying the fish last night.

Fishing taught me several lessons:

1. Patience - When fishing for catfish, you have to wait patiently for the fish to bite. When I fished growing up, I threw the baited hook into the water and wanted a fish to bite it in five seconds or less. If that didn't happen, then I reeled it back in. This trip, I listened to the more experineced fishermen and left bait in one place. It paid off. I caught the first and the biggest fish on the trip. :)

2. Flexibility - You have to be willing to be flexible. We had problems with the boat. We had to change plans. The fish weren't biting in a particular area. So, we had to be willing to change locations. The bait we were using wasn't drawing the fish out. So, we had to change strategies.

Jesus told us to be fishers of men. When fishing for men, we have to be patient. Some are ready to receive the gospel and for others it takes a little more time. We also have to be flexible. We may go into a conversation with an agenda, but need to alter course when a door is open. Just like the same bait/strategy doesn't work for all fish, we may have to alter our approach with different people.

Happy Fishing!

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