Friday, March 28, 2008

The Night I've Been Waiting For

Last Night, we went through our normal routine of getting the girls down to bed. One of us usually goes and reads the Bible and prays with Mady while the other gets Kenzie into bed. Last Night, Sasha put Mady down. After they had read the Bible, they started talking about a phrase that Sasha's family will say. It started with Sasha's great grandmother, Ma. Ma passed away several years before Mady was born. She was 104. So, Mady asked Sasha questions about what happened to Ma. Ma was a believer. So, Sasha told her that she went to Heaven. She got curious and begin to ask questions about Heaven and what would happen to her friends if they were to die. Sasha told her that if they had asked Jesus into their heart to be the Lord of their lives then they would go to heaven.

We have not wanted to push Mady to pray a "sinner's prayer." We've always wanted it to be something she WANTED to do...not something she was FORCED to do.

The conversation continued and Mady said "Mama, I want to do that." She asked Sasha if she could pray and ask Jesus into her heart. Sasha called me in for this special moment. After I went in, I watched as Sasha led Mady in a prayer inviting Jesus to be the Lord of her life.

March 27, 2008 is Mady's spiritual birthday. I have never been more proud of her in all my life.

The Best Is Yet To Come

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