Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend! Saturday, we had our Easter EGGstravaganza! We had over 300 people at the park in front of the Texas Department of Transportation. A huge thanks to the Atlanta Office of TXDOT for allowing us to have our EGGstravaganz there.

On Sunday, we had 107 people worshipping with us. That was great considering we had several of our regulars who were out with family. :) It was the biggest attendance that we have had since I came to Cornerstone.

I love being back close to family. When living in OKC, we missed out on a lot of the family gatherings. We went to my grandparents in Texarkana after service for lunch. Mady hunted Easter Eggs with her cousin, Brooke. Then, after they found them all, they had us rehide the eggs. It was funny watching Mady pick up Eggs from the same places that I used to pick the Eggs up when I was her age.

After getting back from Texarkana, we spent some time working in the yard. Sasha planted some flowers while I raked leaves in the backyard. Our backyard is one of the favorite things about our house. The girls love running and playing back there.

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