Monday, March 31, 2008

Drive By Blog

1. Sunday Night, we had one awesome Crawfish Boil at the church. It was awesome. We had some great food and great fellowship.

2. Sasha correctly predicted all 4 Final Four teams. I got 3 of the 4. Texas let me down. :)

3. I'm reading a great book called "Just Walk Across The Room" by Bill Hybels.

4. I'm not Bobby Flay. Tonight, I cooked and made Taco Salads. So, I thought I'd do what I'd seen done on Food Network and make a special sauce/dressing.....sort of Southwestern Ranch. Well, let's just was NASTY. I put some ranch dressing, spices, Roasted Red Peppers (like I've seen Guy Fieri use on Food Network), Green Chiles and some Sour Cream. I think the mistake was that I used the Red Peppers and the Chiles and too much Ranch. Oh well, I may never have a show on Food Network, but I love to cook. BTW, the sauce/dressing never made it to the table.

5. 3 months are gone in 2008. How are you doing on the One Year Bible Challenge? I've completed all 3 months in the New Living Translation and the Message. It is my goal to read the entire Bible through in two different translations as my personal devotions in 2008. I challenge you to start today. Start with April 1 and read the rest of the way with us and then pick up the first three months in 2009.

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