Thursday, March 27, 2008


I got an education today. We had our First PrimeTimer's Luncheon today at the church. Several of our Senior Adults gathered for a Potluck Meal. There was some great food.

However, what I enjoyed most was hearing the stories from their childhood.

The things I learned from being with our Senior Adults Today.

1) I was reminded that I really am fortunate to have grown up in the generation that I did. These guys grew up in a time with no running water, no A/C, no heat, etc. The lesson learned was one of gratitude.

2) The second lesson was one of contentment. They didn't know any better. So, they were content to take their baths in a creek or hoe the yard to get rid of the grass.

3) The third lesson is always maintain a positive attitude. They laughed when telling the stories of yester year.

4) I learned how to make Whiskey. LOL! (This is a joke.) You never know what to expect when you talk with people.

I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to when I can be with the PrimeTimers again.

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