Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Update and Today's Journey

1. Praise God!!!! This was our 4th week in a row above 80! We had a great spirit in the Sunday Morning Service! I love our church family at Cornerstone! You guys are awesome!

2. On Saturday, we had 20+ people join us for some much needed maintanence and clean up at the church! Thank you to everyone who came and gave up their Saturday to work at Cornerstone!

3. The girls started back to school today. Sasha took Mady and Kenzie to the daycare this morning and then headed off to school. I am proud of my wife. She is a great teacher! She works so hard.

4. Today, I went to Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a one day trip. On Saturday Night, Brandon, Blake and Brent, three young men in our church, were in an automobile accident. They rolled the truck that they were in. Blake and Brent, both teens, made it out with a few aches, pains, scraps, bruises and cuts. They were treated and released at the Atlanta Hospital. Their younger brother, Brandon, age 9, was taken by helicopter to Texarkana. When I got into the ambulance at the accident scene, the paramedic told me that he had a compound fracture and that the bone was exposed. We prayed. When he got to St. Michael's, they x-rayed his leg! Guess What? Not a broken bone in his body. Praise the Lord!!!!! God is a god of miracles! Brandon has significant damage to his right arm and leg. It was cut pretty bad and the tissue, muscles and some bone were exposed. He was taken by ambulance to children's hospital in Little Rock. He had his second surgery this morning, but is doing fine. There was a lot of dirt, grass, gravel, etc. in his wounds and the doctors are cleaning them out. All three of the boys were wearing their seat belts. Brandon will have at least one more surgery on Wednesday. Please pray for him and the whole family.

5. While in Little Rock, I got to see my good friend, Brian Dollar. Brian is a Kid's Pastor at First A/G in North Little Rock. He and I are childhood friends.....both of us were each other's "best man" in our weddings. We hadn't seen each other since the fall of '05 when we met in Tulsa to see Stryper in concert. I got to see his wife and kids too. I cannot believe how big Ashton and Jordan are. It was a quick visit. Hopefully, we will see each other more often since we are just a couple of hours away.

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