Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Monday!

1. We had a great weekend! The weekend before school starts and we had 30-35 people who are there most every week that were out. We still had 75 in attendance. We had several new families in at Cornerstone. God is doing some great things. The Best Is Yet To Come!!!!

2. Update on Brandon. If you read my blog on don't attend Cornerstone. Brandon is the 9 year old who was in the automobile accident last Saturday, August 18. Since then, he has had 5 surgeries. I talked to him tonight on the phone. He's still in Little Rock, but is doing excellent. They didn't have to do any skin grafts on his leg. They only had to do one small one on his arm!

3. Tonight was a cool night. It was the first time in a couple of weeks that we have all been at home on the same night. I love spending time with my family. Between Sasha getting ready for school and the nursery project at the church, we haven't all been together for a whole night in a couple of weeks. We grilled out (Brats, Hot Dogs, and Corn). Sasha made Mac and Cheese. It was a great meal. We all had a good laugh at Kenzie. She crawls so fast. She kept making quick tracks to Mady's Bathroom. That's her favorite place to go. The only bad thing is that she can climb up now. Tonight, we didn't make it in time and we heard Mady say "Kenzie just stuck her hand in the potty." We've decided that since she likes the potty so much that maybe she'll potty train early. :) Mady and I finished the night playing a game of Princess Monopoly. She won.....fair and square. :)

4. One of the things that we were hoping that Atlanta would have is a soccer league for 4 year olds. Guess What? They do. Mady is so excited to be playing Soccer again. She'll have her first game at the end of September.

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