Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Friday Thoughts

1. This Sunday, we are continuing our series entitled "Seven." It is a look at what the Bible says about the Seven Deadly Sins. This week's topic is anger.

2. The floor guys are at the church. The new nursery will be operational by Sunday. The tack strips are down, but the carpet will have to go down tomorrow because they had to glue some of the tack strips. The tile has been set, but they are waiting for it to dry to grout the tile. It is going to be really nice.

3. I have been thinking a lot lately about not wanting to take for granted what God does. We have had many people give their lives to Christ since June. I never want to take for granted what God is doing. We should always expect God to move. We should equally be grateful when he does move. We want salvations to be common in our church, but we should never treat them like they are common. Heaven rejoices over every salvation and we should too. :)

4. Sasha and the girls start back to school Monday. This will be Mackenzie's first time in daycare. I enjoyed spending time with the girls last night. Mady made us a play meal. She set the table and even had play candles on the table. I love my girls.

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