Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Podcast and more

1. I updated the podcast (finally). The last few weeks have not yielded much time to do necessary things like updating our podcast. I put the first three sermons of our new series "Bringing the Heat" online today. If you would like to subscribe to our podcast, go to and click on the sermons link. Then, click on the link that says subscribe to podcast. I use itunes, but there are a variety of other podcatchers out there.

2. Peyton got to come home today! That's great considering he was just life flighted to Little Rock on Saturday. Thanks for the prayers and keep praying. He's doing a lot better. He has gained 1 pound 6 ounces since going in the hospital on Saturday. :)

3. I was reading today in 2 Samuel 13. The story of Amnon raping Tamar in the Bible. I have spoken from this passage of scripture before, but something completely different jumped out at me today. It was never Amnon's idea to rape his sister. It was his cousin, Jonadab. Jonadab influenced Amnon in a negative way. Jonadab gave him the plan. It made me think about what or who influences us. Who are the people in your life that influence you? What influences you? Is it media? Do books influence you? As in Amnon' s case, is it a family member that influences you? How are they influencing you? Is it a positive influence or a negative influence? That's what I'm thinking about today.

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