Thursday, January 24, 2008


Last night, after a great night at church, I came home and turned on my computer to see the score of the Baylor/Texas A&M game. We moved to Waco when I was 10. I was always a fan of UT and still am. However, the move to Waco put me around real live college sports for the first time. We had season tickets to Baylor Football games. I still remember leaving church on Wednesday Nights after service was over and heading to the Heart of Texas Coliseum to watch Baylor play. You could get in free after halftime. :) So, I am a fan of Baylor.

When I got home, Baylor and Texas A&M were in the first overtime. Baylor is ranked #25 in the AP poll and the Aggies are #18 in the same poll. The Aggies had a live video feed on the internet. So, I watched what I thought would be 10 seconds of the game at the end of the first OT. It turns out that I was glued to the computer screen for the next hour and a half as I watched the Bears win in 5 Overtime Periods.

This has to go down as one of the greatest college basketball games this year.

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